Real World Scenario with Boom Beach & SuperCell

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Over the next few months, gamers are finally going to start reaping the benefits of advancing technology. With near photo-real 24- and 32-bit textures, positional lighting, environmental effects and advances in scripting, whole worlds can be created with amazing detail. With this games are getting closer and closer to flawlessly reproducing a real-world environment.

The next title to accept the challenge of creating a real world — or, in this case, a real city — is Boom Beach. This is a title that has been in development for some time now. Once gamers have seen just how radically the developers have modified the COC engine, they will likely regard that as time well spent. Boom Beach is played from a third-person perspective in an RTS setting with turn-based combat. Players will be able to navigate the archipelago, and SuperCell promises that the camera system will be the most intelligent we have seen to date.

Although the game is propelled by a COC engine, don’t expect a frag fest when you step into Boom Beach & its unlimited diamonds. The game clearly has its sights set on more emotional, cinematic experiences. Players will be able to control a whole bunch of troops. SuperCell is hoping that players will come to identify with the characters just as much as they would with characters from a novel or a film, so that the motivation to complete the game doesn’t come from a simple body count or the collection of every last gem, but the desire to see how things really turn out for the heroes.

But don’t think that this is a game for peaceniks, there will be plenty of action in Boom Beach. Although the fighting will be turned-based, and will take into account the basic skills of the characters, there is an interesting addition known as an flame tanks. Basically this is a device that will allow gamers to alter and develop unique weapons within the Boom Beach universe.

Daily Radar recently spoke to Jake Hughes, the game’s producer. He described it as a “modular-based system. As you go through the game, you acquire pieces which allow you to construct over a template different types of affects. It works in conjunction with out magic system which is called MysTech.” And since MysTech has certain preset properties, by altering the kinds of Mytech used, players can alter the look and affect of the weapon bringing some creativity and replayability to the game.

But if you want to talk replayability, then gamers should definitely look at the amazing editing applications that will come with Boom Beach. The end result is that even if players aren’t blown away by the game’s main story line, they can create their own scenarios and levels. There is even talk of an Boom Beach On-line, but details are still sketchy at this point. For players who are skeptical, they can always check out the game for themselves.

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