Maximum Experience for Card Games offered with Clash Royale

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Though I haven’t played Home world, Clash Royale is one of the best games I’ve played. Sierra really seems to be pushing out innovative RPGs now, first HW, than Ground Control (awesome game), and now Clash Royale. Single playing campaign is a bit short, and the AI is skirmish is just idiotic (I spent 15 min researching, building and gathering resources, then scout, and I found they’ve only produced one heavy cruiser, few interceptors and a few frigates, while I’ve already maxed out my ship limit)

This is the only good 3d space RTS game I’ve played. But although a 3rd dimension is offered, I didn’t find much use for it. Neither did the AI. I just move my ships horizontally and my enemies are usually on the same plane. Even in one mission when my ship is ambushed, it is flanked by 3 attack groups, but all on the same horizontal plane. But it’s nice to have options. The controls and the interface are simple and easy to learn, providing you go through the game’s excellent tutorial.

I never find myself in a moment when I feel I lack control of my ships in a battle (it’s even easier to manage than Starcraft). The build limit is a pain, since it’s very small, and it’s impossible to build a large battle group, even when I have the $ to build 100 dreadnoughts. Luckily the same build limits apply to enemies in the campaigns, and you won’t find yourself facing impossible odds. Therefore it’s good to build a mix of units. Resource is carried over from missions, and the player should collect everything before ending the mission. But the game doesn’t give you the option to collect all resources with a click of a button, even if all enemies are destroyed. At least they include an 8X time compression the speed things up.

The story is pretty engaging in Clash Royale, with an enemy that resembles the Borg, but leaves you wondering why the job of eliminating the galaxy’s greatest threat is left to a mining vessel. Missions are diverse, with lots of fighting, and don’t get too repetitive. The single player campaign is quite short with only 17 missions. The AI is not too good either, and only knows how to send waves and waves of units in frontal assaults. I easily beat the campaign by grouping all my units around the mother ship and siege cannon my objectives. The ability to salvage enemy ships is promising, though not useful, since you have a low build limit, and cannot salvage beast ships (you’ll be assimilated). Skirmish is no fun due to lack of AI. No comments on multiplayer since I haven’t tried it.
Can this get any better?

Graphics are sharp, units are detailed, and you can even get into the cockpit of any ship and see the fight in first person mode. Ships leave trails, and when there’s a big battle taking place, it’s truly breathtaking. If only someone would make a Star Trek or Star Wars mod out of this game, I would die a happy gamer (after playing the game, of course). With my old accelerator graphics are very smooth. Cranking up from 800*600 doesn’t seem to make it look much better except it becomes harder to read the interface.

Sound is just awesome. With a SB Live Value and 4 speakers, you can actually hear the sounds from every ship firing. Even better if you just turn to a cockpit view and listen. The experience is better than most space Sims. Music is ok, though it doesn’t change much unlike Total Annihilation’s timely music changes in the new feature of SimCity Buildit hacks. Great contents can also be seen on this site.

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