Google Play Best Entertainment Portal

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Are you looking for the best music app in the world? then Google Play is the ideal to check out. If you really want to prove it, then you can check out the apps yourself and you will be amazed that Google will not disappoint you with their great services. Most of the people who are looking for services like mobile games, music and other great apps may not talk about Google Play and would even recommend the other provider of the said services above. Nonetheless if you would give a try you will not get dismayed considering Google Play will surely rock your world.

Google Play has plenty of services which are ideal for all entertainment seekers with the use different devices such as smartphones like iPhone, iPad and Tablets. You may as well use Smart TV if you have a device connected to using Xbox console. With Google Play you can play mobile games which are updated from time to time although some of their game may not for free but still they are very affordable.

Now let’s go back to music app, Google Play music is great for those music lovers. You can listen to your favorite music with different choices. Of course you need to have a Google Play account and avail their apps and listen to music wherever you are. Be sure you have downloaded your favorite songs. If you want to get the advantage of Google Play services, there is a great way to get it. You must use free Google Play gift card. Gift card is given from promos and sponsors of Google Play or every time you buy something from Google Play you will be given a virtual Google Play gift card in order to buy stuffs which are offered by Google Play. Nonetheless this will cost you plenty of money and since you don’t want to invest money, but still want to avail Google Play services then learn this wonderful tip of on how to get free Google Play gift card.

However, the Internet is full of websites that will give you plenty of free mobile games in android or ios depending on what kind of devices you are using. They have also free music from music streaming service website, movie streaming and many more. If you are diligent to look for those ideal sites you will find plenty of free sources to avail the best mobile games, music and videos. Nonetheless you may as well check the best tips online on how to get free Google Play gift card and Google Play advantage here.

Combat Flight Simulator 2 – The boys and girls from Microsoft retur

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A series of simple, easy to follow training missions ease you into the action with minimal fuss and bother. Still helps to read the 300-page manual, though…
When it comes to ‘purist’ flight sims – ones that concentrate solely on recreating the challenges and demands of flying in the most detailed and realistic manner possible, without distractions like guns, rockets, bombs, and people shooting at you – Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series has been happily dominating civilian flight paths for years now.

The company’s first attempt to translate all this expertise into a military flight sim, though, was less than perfect. While Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator: WWII Europe Series was an impressive debut in many ways, it was also flawed in many others.

Now, though, Microsoft has returned to the flak-filled skies of the Second World War and shifted the action to the islands of the Pacific. The result is Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theatre, and a much more polished and effective piece of work it is, too.

The most obvious of CFS2’s many improvements matches the one we are seeing in Pokemon Moon download. Not only are the aircraft models themselves four times as detailed as before, even displaying the evidence of combat wear and tear in the form of oil splatters around the engine, flaking paint and the odd hastily patched bullet hole, but the terrain engine has also been beefed up. Flying over the deep, azure blue of the pacific and past a series of lushly overgrown coral atolls, the sun glinting from your fighter’s canopy and cotton-wool clouds smearing the horizon, is an eye-popping treat.

Of course, to get the full benefit of all this new eye candy, you’re going to need a fairly hefty PC – not a super stealth ninja model, but at least a mid-range Pentium III with a healthy chunk of RAM and a good 3D accelerator. Luckily for those of us who are less well endowed in the hardware department, though, the visuals aren’t the only area that’s been improved.

For a start, the damage modelling has been reworked, and is now extremely well done. Pretty much every single working part of your fighter (including yourself) can be hit and mangled to one degree or another, and this is backed up by the graphics engine and flight modelling. Bits of fuselage rip and tear away, sections of wing can be blown off – and all of this debris can make life tricky for other aircraft, including your own. You don’t want to be right behind a plane as it disintegrates in this game.

On top of that, there’s a new campaign system, a full mission designer, which although a little archaic in structure is nonetheless extremely powerful, and the vast range of options and settings that you’d expect from any Microsoft flight sim, allowing you to tailor the game to your tastes, whether you fancy action-packed dogfights or extreme realism.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the game, though, is the way in which it gives a real sense of what war was really like for pilots in the Pacific. Through clever use of voice-overs, cut scenes and other devices, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theatre manages to drive home the realities of the conflict, in a very post-Saving Private Ryan kind of way.

Tom Chick asks the movie industry, ‘Hey buddy, can you spare a smoke?’

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I used to smoke, but I quit. I got tired of waking up every morning, feeling sick until I sucked down a cigarette, but that’s not why I quit. I just realized that I wasn’t quite cool enough to smoke, that I should leave it to the movie stars. Now they’re quitting. The world is getting squarer and squarer every day. Whoever is funding all those “I miss my lung, Bob” billboards has chased smoking away. Entertainment is less cool. Only degenerates and bad guys smoke in movies. You’d have to look high and low to find a smoker on television. And I don’t mean a “very special” episode of Dawson’s Creek where Dawson has a lapse in moral judgment and smokes his first cigarette.

Because, whether you like it or not, cigarettes are cool. They’re sexy. A lit cigarette shows an existential disregard for the future. It is the nihilist’s wand. It indicates a dark intelligence, a suffering creativity expressed with a Rod Serling grimace or a Humphrey Bogart squint (actually it’s usually just an eye hit, but accomplished smokers know how to cover). You know what’s even cooler than smoking? Plucking that bit of tobacco from your tongue when you’re smoking an unfiltered cigarette.

According to a study by me, Quentin Tarantino movies would be 37% less cool without smoking. The whole Bette Davis thing that Helena Bonham Carter has going in Fight Club is 90% cigarette smoke. Sean Penn’s cool is 60% smoking (the other 40% is evenly split between his hair and the fact that he got Madonna). Imagine Bruce Willis in Die Hard without cigarettes. Half of his performance was the supercool way his barefoot and scared John McClane plucked a cigarette from that rumpled soft pack. He even offers his last cigarette to villain Alan Rickman when they stumble across each other near the end of the movie. Two supercool guys sharing cigarettes. I asked for soft packs after that. Bruce Willis blows up a 747 with his Zippo in the sequel. If he hadn’t been a smoker, the bad guys would have gotten away.

Where would the careers of Harvey Keitel, Jeremy Irons, and James Spader be without cigarettes to help make them cool? Okay, maybe James Spader isn’t a good example, but his lack of a career probably has nothing to do with his smoking. I don’t know if James Bond ever smoked, but he should have; he’s English. Just try and tell me he’s not ready to light up after a few of those shaken martinis. Wounded soldiers always have lit cigarettes put to their lips by their buddies. Spielberg may have done his part for Holocaust remembrance, but it’s a sad bit of revisionism that Tom Hanks didn’t smoke in Saving Private Ryan. Anyone who didn’t want a cigarette after the first twenty minutes of that movie wasn’t human.

I don’t mean cigars. They’re so Churchillian. You don’t even inhale. Lou Diamond Phillips and Tom Arnold smoke cigars. And that guy in End of Days, whatshisname, that Austrian guy who hasn’t done a movie in a while. Even chicks smoke cigars these days. Pipes? Please. Anything that requires a special jacket, like cub scouts and crossing guards, is inherently dorky. If you smoke a pipe, you may as well go the whole nine yards and grow a handlebar mustache. Pipes are not cool. Merely laying your hand on a pipe qualifies you for the adjective ‘avuncular’.

Of course, there’s the argument that cigarettes are bad for you and we shouldn’t encourage kids to smoke. But anti-smokers have long had their hooks deep into the public school system. I remember being taught the evils of smoking back in 1976 in my fourth grade health class. I went home, broke up my mother’s cigarettes, and was grounded for a week. I was a martyr for the cause. It wasn’t until later in life when my will was bent by alcohol that I gave in to cigarettes. But to kids these days, smoking is as square as Zamfir, master of the pan flute.

Besides, movies are fantasies, not public service announcements. I’m tired of seeing heroes wearing seatbelts, literally and figuratively. According to the American Cancer Society, 46 million Americans smoke; that’s roughly 1 in 6 people. Yeah, sure, they smell bad, get cancer, die early, and can’t walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing like George Burns. That doesn’t mean they can’t star in movies. Let’s bring this lost segment of America back to the silver screen and restore to smoking the existential glamour of death-defying hipness that we knew back when movies were black and white, it was okay to drive home after getting plastered in a bar, and people didn’t snicker if you proposed lunging a fag. If anarchists, serial murderers, rogue cops, and prostitutes are eligible candidates for our protagonists, I don’t see why we can’t have smokers in there too.

Maximum Experience for Card Games offered with Clash Royale

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Though I haven’t played Home world, Clash Royale is one of the best games I’ve played. Sierra really seems to be pushing out innovative RPGs now, first HW, than Ground Control (awesome game), and now Clash Royale. Single playing campaign is a bit short, and the AI is skirmish is just idiotic (I spent 15 min researching, building and gathering resources, then scout, and I found they’ve only produced one heavy cruiser, few interceptors and a few frigates, while I’ve already maxed out my ship limit)

This is the only good 3d space RTS game I’ve played. But although a 3rd dimension is offered, I didn’t find much use for it. Neither did the AI. I just move my ships horizontally and my enemies are usually on the same plane. Even in one mission when my ship is ambushed, it is flanked by 3 attack groups, but all on the same horizontal plane. But it’s nice to have options. The controls and the interface are simple and easy to learn, providing you go through the game’s excellent tutorial.

I never find myself in a moment when I feel I lack control of my ships in a battle (it’s even easier to manage than Starcraft). The build limit is a pain, since it’s very small, and it’s impossible to build a large battle group, even when I have the $ to build 100 dreadnoughts. Luckily the same build limits apply to enemies in the campaigns, and you won’t find yourself facing impossible odds. Therefore it’s good to build a mix of units. Resource is carried over from missions, and the player should collect everything before ending the mission. But the game doesn’t give you the option to collect all resources with a click of a button, even if all enemies are destroyed. At least they include an 8X time compression the speed things up.

The story is pretty engaging in Clash Royale, with an enemy that resembles the Borg, but leaves you wondering why the job of eliminating the galaxy’s greatest threat is left to a mining vessel. Missions are diverse, with lots of fighting, and don’t get too repetitive. The single player campaign is quite short with only 17 missions. The AI is not too good either, and only knows how to send waves and waves of units in frontal assaults. I easily beat the campaign by grouping all my units around the mother ship and siege cannon my objectives. The ability to salvage enemy ships is promising, though not useful, since you have a low build limit, and cannot salvage beast ships (you’ll be assimilated). Skirmish is no fun due to lack of AI. No comments on multiplayer since I haven’t tried it.
Can this get any better?

Graphics are sharp, units are detailed, and you can even get into the cockpit of any ship and see the fight in first person mode. Ships leave trails, and when there’s a big battle taking place, it’s truly breathtaking. If only someone would make a Star Trek or Star Wars mod out of this game, I would die a happy gamer (after playing the game, of course). With my old accelerator graphics are very smooth. Cranking up from 800*600 doesn’t seem to make it look much better except it becomes harder to read the interface.

Sound is just awesome. With a SB Live Value and 4 speakers, you can actually hear the sounds from every ship firing. Even better if you just turn to a cockpit view and listen. The experience is better than most space Sims. Music is ok, though it doesn’t change much unlike Total Annihilation’s timely music changes in the new feature of SimCity Buildit hacks. Great contents can also be seen on this site.

Real World Scenario with Boom Beach & SuperCell

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Over the next few months, gamers are finally going to start reaping the benefits of advancing technology. With near photo-real 24- and 32-bit textures, positional lighting, environmental effects and advances in scripting, whole worlds can be created with amazing detail. With this games are getting closer and closer to flawlessly reproducing a real-world environment.

The next title to accept the challenge of creating a real world — or, in this case, a real city — is Boom Beach. This is a title that has been in development for some time now. Once gamers have seen just how radically the developers have modified the COC engine, they will likely regard that as time well spent. Boom Beach is played from a third-person perspective in an RTS setting with turn-based combat. Players will be able to navigate the archipelago, and SuperCell promises that the camera system will be the most intelligent we have seen to date.

Although the game is propelled by a COC engine, don’t expect a frag fest when you step into Boom Beach & its unlimited diamonds. The game clearly has its sights set on more emotional, cinematic experiences. Players will be able to control a whole bunch of troops. SuperCell is hoping that players will come to identify with the characters just as much as they would with characters from a novel or a film, so that the motivation to complete the game doesn’t come from a simple body count or the collection of every last gem, but the desire to see how things really turn out for the heroes.

But don’t think that this is a game for peaceniks, there will be plenty of action in Boom Beach. Although the fighting will be turned-based, and will take into account the basic skills of the characters, there is an interesting addition known as an flame tanks. Basically this is a device that will allow gamers to alter and develop unique weapons within the Boom Beach universe.

Daily Radar recently spoke to Jake Hughes, the game’s producer. He described it as a “modular-based system. As you go through the game, you acquire pieces which allow you to construct over a template different types of affects. It works in conjunction with out magic system which is called MysTech.” And since MysTech has certain preset properties, by altering the kinds of Mytech used, players can alter the look and affect of the weapon bringing some creativity and replayability to the game.

But if you want to talk replayability, then gamers should definitely look at the amazing editing applications that will come with Boom Beach. The end result is that even if players aren’t blown away by the game’s main story line, they can create their own scenarios and levels. There is even talk of an Boom Beach On-line, but details are still sketchy at this point. For players who are skeptical, they can always check out the game for themselves.

Gaming Theater Made Right!

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Although Guillemot has been making budget cards like the Maxi Muse for some time now, it’s since released the Game Theater XP under its Hercules brand. In a word, this thing screams. The included external rack unit — it doesn’t fit into a bay on your computer — contains enough inputs and outputs to satisfy just about every musical need, and it even works as a powered four-port USB hub. In addition to all its inputs and outputs, it’s Dolby Digital certified and even includes Dolby headphone decoding. Although the software doesn’t include games, it does include full versions of PowerDVD, MusicMatch and Sensaura Virtual Ear, a 3D sound-positioning utility. Its MIDI playback is for the most part on par with the Live! cards, and it includes support for EAX 2.0, A3D 1.0 and DirectSound from Microsoft. All this, and it retails for $50 less than a Live!Platinum? Sign us up.

This may be Guillemot’s first entry into the high-end sound card market, but the company has definitely done its homework. Hooking the unit up is easy. The card includes connectors for CD Audio and any auxiliary device, and the back only has two outputs. One is an auxiliary 1/8″ line-in and the other is for the cable that connects to the external rack. This thick, six-foot-long cable has the bandwidth to handle the input it may transmit, including USB devices, digital devices like MP3 players or MD players, etc. The dark blue unit may be in contrast to the familiar beige computer setup, and it’s a little wider than most computer cases, but it will balance easily on top of a case. Its usefulness pretty much outweighs any finicky color coordination awkwardness.

MP3 fanatics will love the convenience of having both coaxial and optical digital inputs and outputs, as well as the fact that MP3 decoding is hardware based, making it less of a strain on the CPU. This also makes things easy for owners of DATs or MiniDisc recorders, because true digital recording is easier than ever. Those with USB-enabled MP3 players will like the convenience of simply plugging their unit into one of the four USB ports and having excellent transfer rates. For more traditional tasks, there are also analog inputs and outputs, including both microphone and headphone jacks with volume knobs. Finally, there’s a standard MIDI In and Out as well as a gameport — no more crawling behind the computer to switch from the gamepad to the racing wheel. Everything is clearly labeled for ease of use.

If we have to find something wrong (and we don’t have to, but nothing’s perfect), it’s that some of the software will try to associate itself with practically everything on your computer. The only required software is the drivers, so it’s not necessary to use the included additional software, but those without MP3 encoders or DVD software will want to. This can cause some silly things to happen. For example, MusicMatch is known for associating itself with practically every music format, so double-clicking an MP3 or inserting a CD may not bring up your favorite listening software. It isn’t that the MusicMatch software is bad; rather, it’s that it assumes the rights to many file formats, almost without asking. Some of the included software is also on a trial basis. Both Sonic Foundry programs will expire after so many uses, and even the Karaoke software is limited (but that may be a good thing). These complaints, though, are really just sort of nitpicky, especially since it’s optional to install this software. The perfect gaming screen nowadays is not bigger than a tablet, because it is just on most smartphones already. QHD, amoled,iPS to name a few just to play their favorite games like Clash Royale hack found here.

As a whole package, the Game Theater XP is in direct competition with the Live!Platinum and, on most accounts, it comes out on top. Some will argue that the MIDI sound quality from a Live! card is better, but they competition is usually too close to call. Some will like that the Platinum Live!Drive fits into a bay on the computer. Feature for feature, though, the Game Theater XP is nearly always on par — and it actually offers a little more with the inclusion of the USB hub. Those shopping for a complete sound solution should definitely investigate this package. It costs less and it offers additional functionality that the competition doesn’t have.

What Will Our Food Be After A Thousand Years?

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From being scavengers searching for food to farmers harvesting crops, food has changed a lot over time, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Let’s talk about how food will be a thousand years from now.

Climate Change
Despite your standing on climate change, the earth is getting warmer in areas, and with the polar ice caps melting, the next 1000 years will have a major impact on food production. The rising heat could damage crops to the extent that they will be destroyed, and food may have to be grown in indoor facilities or even different parts of the world.

Fish Farms
The fishing industry deals with variables that can make or break their business. Fishing can be productive with a huge catch, or come up with nothing. By using large tanks, fish farming could become much easier for cultivating food, as well as taking the pressure off wildlife. This would be also productive as water, nutrients and waste are recycled and used to grow plants, meaning, that not a drop of water or a single resource will be wasted.

Smart packaging is still a new idea, but the concept is being built upon to create some brilliant ways to keep food fresher longer, as well as give us the ability to predict when the food will spoil. The packaging department is still working on the patents but scientists are hoping to come up with a method that will keep foods from spoiling all together. In one thousand years, there could even be little microchip and computers in the packaging or better monitoring and upkeep of the fresh food.

Robot Farmers
In the next 1000 years, the demand in food will continue to rise and as previously discussed, the environment going through changes, farmers must come up with a solution. Rumor has it, the farmers and corporations are looking at vertical farms. This means moving farms inside skyscrapers and being overseen by artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AIs or simply robots. This will prevent infiltration of bugs, thus reducing the need for pesticides, and better care of the crops since robots won’t need to take a break.

Seeds are becoming such a high demand subcategory of food that corporations like Monsanto are manufacturing and dispersing seeds to farmers, and then not allowing them to keep the seeds from the new crops and even going as far as to sue the farmers. This is ironic, given that seed sprout from vegetables anyway. As food becomes more about corporation than actual nutrition, it will be interesting to see how foods will change in the next 1000 years.

Other Sources
While there are over 2,500 plant species that have been domesticated for us to eat, half of our diet comes from three grains: rice, maize, and wheat. But in the future, our selection will be expanded and include other things like seaweed and insects. This will help create more options of food for a rapidly growing population, but other countries already eat these things. In 1000 years, it is expected that the things we consider to be crows, will be added as a delicacy and produced worldwide.

Two Class System
Between the rising cost of fresh food and the shrinking price of processed food, in the next 1000, years we may see two different classes of people. One class will eat the cheap industrialized food, while the other class will enjoy gardens at home and locally produced food at a much higher costs. This will create a divide between the lower, middle, and upper classes and it will also affect quality and demand for healthcare.

More Flavor
A chef’s job is to make sure that a dish tastes good, and it will be something that the consumer will crave in the future. While today’s restaurants and food suppliers are trying to steer away from adding addictive ingredients due to public outrage, the concept isn’t dead. Chefs and scientists are working together to try to change the way we look at flavor and want to create flavors that will make humans more willing to eat healthier foods. A head chef named Corey Lee believes that in 1000 years, the ingredients in our foods will be drastically different than today in favor of better flavor.

3D Printing
Given much of our favorite foods are highly processed and consider to be junk food, Scientists are using the innovation of the 3d printer and coming up with ways people can print their own meals at home. If you want a cheese burger, just punch it in the 3d printer and watch it go. This is only the beginning. It’s quite possible that science will come up with ways to manifest food before your very eyes that won’t require extensive time in the kitchen.

Artificial Meats
A society becomes more aware of the cruel conditions that animals must go through before they are sent to slaughter, it is moving towards a more plant-based diet as well as a diet of cruelty free meats. Scientists are anticipating that the higher demand on food will have a negative impact on the environment in terms of land. meat and water shortages. To combat this, there is currently research going on that will enable us to grow artificial meat out of vats about farmers will be able to meet the growing demand of meat. right now it’s being researched and tested but in 1000 years it will likely be near perfection.